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How Much Does It Cost?

A 90 day ad is only $125.

The website has been deliberately developed to attract the greatest number of potential job candidates at the least cost to the university employer. Comparable job sites are twice the cost (or more) for half the posting time AND are not specifically targeting job candidates seeking university or college counseling center employment.

Why post at (PICC)?

  1. For more than 15 years, the PICC: Positions In Counseling Centers website has been the premier clearinghouse for employment opportunities in college or university counseling services.
  2. 500-700 position announcements are posted annually.
  3. More than 7000 individual site visitors monthly.
  4. Hundreds of professional association and career websites link to it to direct job seekers to view your position announcements.
  5. In comparison to comparable job sites, it is 1/2 the cost for three times as many posting days available.
  6. PICC was created and developed by a university counseling director (18 years+ experience).
  7. Olde Same Place Enterprises, PICC's new hosting solution, is a company that consists of professionals who have worked in higher education and/or healthcare settings for more than 40 years.

We encourage you to create an account and post and an add today!

How much does it cost? Why post here? About Us